Papua New Guinea Jubilee Celebration

Sr Anizette Bélanger  DW 

It was a pleasure  for me to be with the Sisters and the people of PNG for these Jubilee Celebrations.  The Sisters of the Province of Canada express their congratulations  on your 50th anniversary and their gratitude for the way that all of you continue to walk with Wisdom.

 During the celebrations, I was touched by the people remembering the sisters and naming them with love and appreciation. For me, it is a living proof  that Wisdom is in the hearts of our Sisters of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

During my stay in PNG, I had the answer to my question: what makes the Sisters  from outside of PNG want to stay, to come back, to dedicate themselves to the population: the people , the place,  the land? 

There is something in the air that talks about the goodness of the people.The Sisters were and are appreciated, loved…and for that I say “thank you” … yes, thank you  to the people for the faith that they have placed in the Sisters.

Thank you Sisters of PNG for having given a chance to Wisdom to grow in your hearts, in my heart during my stay with you in PNG. 

Sr Anizette Bélanger  DW

ALBUM-PHOTOS  : Yohanes photos Kiunga        Andrew Moses photos Kiunga

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