Un anniversaire sans pareil

Sr Lise Therrien revient de l'ouest canadien où elle a eu la joie de rencontrer notre Sœur centenaire : Sr Barbara Gaukler (Sr Rosalie-Barbara).

Pour les 102 ans de notre Soeur, un anniversaire sans pareil, Lise s’est réservé la joie de lui composer une lettre au nom de Marie-Louise Trichet, notre cofondatrice et elle lui a lue. On peut imaginer la joie de Sr Barbara ! 

Sr Barbara va très bien, elle est lucide et alerte. Elle se déplace encore de façon surprenante.

Très Heureux anniversaire, Sr Barbara !

Letter to Sr Rosalie-Barbara

Source :          Marie-Louise Trichet
Addressee:     Sr Rosalie-Barbara, DW
Place:              Ottawa, Ontario
Date:              June 13, 2012 

My dear daughter,

            I am taking the liberty of writing you because I feel obliged to make known to you my love and affection on this memorable day.  To you, my daughter, my heartfelt best wishes and congratulation on your 102nd birth-day.  All along, you have treasured life as a gift of God, filling it with the desire to see the holiness in everyday things, and remembering that everything has God’s fingerprints on it. That alone makes it special.

One day, you heard the call of Wisdom knocking at the gate of your heart, “I have called you by name, you are mine. Come, follow me!”  Captivated by the love of Christ-Wisdom and in response to his call, you chose Wisdom to be the companion and guide of your life.  For the past 72 years, you have journeyed with Wisdom, revealing Her by your words and actions. To my great delight, I have seen you contemplating Wisdom at work in your life, events and people.  How blessed am I to know you as a true and devoted friend of Wisdom!

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