Pour la 1ère Profession de Soeur Jennifer Cortez

Père Guy St-Onge,sg


My dear Jennifer, dear Sisters and Brothers,

On this day of Pentecost, a feast so dear to our Founder, (as a matter of fact, he had his first four brothers make their first profession on this very day in 1715 and I dare say that as a wink he makes to us, it is a brother who presides your celebration), so on this  day of Pentecost, and within this community that has welcomed you as one of its member, three years ago, Sister Jennifer, you have chosen to commit, to consecrate yourself through the words of fire, life and love that you will pronounce to-day with the simplicity that you wish without forgetting the solemnity that suits for such an event. 

This act of love that you will make with simplicity and solemnity is the sign of an alliance that cannot be explained by any human reasoning, but here, today, every reason urges us to celebrate rather than explain it.  It is the solemnity of a commitment that is a challenge which might be a sort of a folly as it is, when you give your life, without any sharing and without any coming back from the promise given to God and to all. This act expresses the simplicity and solemnity of the religious consecration. 

We use the word CONSECRATION to say that a person like all of us, a Christian soul among us,   seduced by Jesus’ love, the crucified and risen Christ, is offering herself, body and soul, not as a slave, but as a loving friend.  We use the word CONSECRATION to speak of a person like all of us, a Christian soul among us who renders herself voluntarily to the call of Jesus, who enrolls the sharers and the beneficiaries of his fondness to make them become the messengers and the multipliers of his presents. We use the word CONSECRATION to say that a person like all of us, a Christian soul among us happily offers herself to the possession of the Incarnate Widom’s love to reveal the total fullness that can be found by one who lives a life free, transparent, receptive, poor, chaste, obedient, free in her possession, free in her affections, free in her decisions. This is a consecration that renders the person really enthusiastic, though it is a consecration that is demanding and that could even be near of presumption and of delusion if it were not prefaced through a long and brave past, sanctioned by the approval of those responsible persons of the community who have already made an evaluation that is positive and full of promise.

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