Sr. Jennifer Cortez, DW

The Daughters of Wisdom of Blind River, on May 23, 2015,  went out to celebrate and support the residents and members of «Christian Horizons» who share their giftedness with the community at large. This organization based on a strong faith and trust in the Lord celebrated its 50th Jubilee in union with brothers and sisters all over the world. One of the main concerns of that organization consists in helping to restore the dignity and respect of every person with exceptional needs. For these persons, as part of our society, they claim identity and rights.

At the French Secondary School auditorium, that day,, each participant of the group, «Christian Horizons», shared its gifts. To the astonishment of all the people who knew her, Sr. Diane Thibodeau, fdls, shared her gift and passion in dancing. She tap-danced for them ! The surprise gave joy to everyone, not only the children or people she works with, but also to the whole community of Blind River.

Witnessing the simplicity and transparency of each individual reminded me of the first group formed by Montfort, my Founder, at the hospital of Poitiers in France. There, Marie-Louise of Jesus deepened her love for Jesus Wisdom and for wounded humanity. Was it not the starting point of the vision and mission of our Congregation ? Our mission started to grow and flourish as we continue to tend to the needs of our brothers and sisters who are marginalized. To me, these persons remain truly an example of genuine love and teachers of simplicity and pureness of heart.

The celebration of the day was a real success as everyone enjoyed the company of each other. At the end, a sharing was organized to allow residents and all who performed, visitors included,  to know one another.