Escuela de Vida - Peru

Hélène et Chantale - visite aux malades

 A visit  to a rehab Centre - by Krista

On Saturday we were invited to visit a rehab centre. Escuela de Vida is a rehab centre situated on the outskirts of Lima founded more than 25 years ago by an Italian Daughter of Wisdom, called Sr. Emma, who still is the Director. The centre consisted of men that ranged from the ages of 17 to 50. The day we visited was a day where the families could come and visit the patients. We got to see children reuniting with their fathers. I was touched by these men. I could see so much pain and joy in their eyes. They were there to either overcome their alcohol, cocaine or marijuana addiction. I could see the determination to make a better living for themselves and their children. At the center they also learn a trade like baking bread and others.

I asked some of the other girls to elaborate on other different events that we took part in. They were asked to write about an event that touched them the most. They wrote these little paragraphs when they had time and were delighted to do so. Because I am not a student nurse I do not get to go and help out at the clinic, so I asked some of the student nurses to write about their experiences at the clinic.

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