Nonverbal and simple praise ...

Marissa aide les filles dans leur projet d'Art

Reflection on my first day of “doing
By Alana Beddoe 

Sr. Lise’s motto is to Be first and that will make our doing much more Christ-centered.  This first day of doing had two contrasting moments.  One was at the school when I felt overwhelmed at not being able to communicate and the other was when I was helping with injections at another school. 

At Sabiduria (the school run by and on the grounds of the Daughters of Wisdom), I was helping with a craft and I found my inability to communicate very difficult.  I half-expected these 9 and 10 year olds to start bawling when I didn’t understand what they meant but they were very patient with me.  The experience taught me that the people appreciate what we are doing for them. 

The second experience was at another school in La Era where the student nurses were helping with vaccinations.  Here I was able to console the nervous girls by holding their hands or their shoulders.  And this did not involve speaking!  This first day of “doing” showed me that nonverbal and simple praise can work wonders!

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