The Loving Beauty...

the loving beauty that captivated me !

Splendor so lofty! Abyss of humility!
All powerful and almighty! In a womb made self-captivity!
Magnificence in infinity! Child in utter fragility!
Full incomprehensibility! Fully revealed in humanity!

Gushing Fountain of joy and gentleness
Overflowing Ocean of beauty and loveliness
Flooding River of peace and goodness
Oozing Spring of justice and kindness.

You are the beauty that has charmed me so irresistibly
The fragrance that has seduced me so completely
The magnet that has attracted me so forcefully
The sweetness that has captivated me so totally.

But how come you love me so dearly?
Me, dust of this earth, a snail so ugly
You picked me up and sang whisperingly
"I love you so much Dodong, always and eternally!"

You left the splendor of your throne in your Father’s home
From eternity to time you traveled and roam
Searching for me, from morning, night and until the dawn
Knocking always at my heart, all because of love and love alone!

How unworthy yet blessed am I for to me you made this known
So that I can open my heart for You to completely own
And with the Spirit I will be freely and constantly blown
‘Til of You, Wisdom my Love, I am fully grown.

I offer my all and fly on the wings to places unknown
To make You and Mommy loved and well known
That all our children will dwell under the shelter of the Dawn
All this I do only for the greater glory of God alone!

fr. paul arnel l. lucero, smm

Come O Wisdom Come »»»


Autumn at Stourhead Wiltshire, England - by Mattana S.