The Flavours of the Meeting

Avant: Denyse Dostaler, trésorière provinciale, Canada. Ann Gray, Responsable provinciale, USA. Jacelyne Fallu, Responsable provinciale, Canada, Marie-Reine Gauthier, conseillère, Canada. Joan Kobe, conseillère, USA.
Arrière: Pierrette Daviau, conseillère, Canada. Lucy Clynes, trésorière, USA. Ann Casgrande, conseillère, USA. Linda Joseph, conseillère, Canada. Louise Forget, conseillère, Canada.

The Flavours of the Meeting


The meetings between the Canadian-US Leadership teams took place November 19, 20, 21, 2008 in Ottawa, Canada.

As I recall the events of those days of meetings, a line of a song (titled "Pour Que Ca Change") from our morning prayer comes to mind:

"So here we are, we've come together
Women walking side by side
With dreams of changing ways forever
Through our wisdom, strength and pride."

The energy emerging from those lines captures so much of what happened in the time we spent together.  Seen from the perspective of grassroots inquiry, we singled out areas in which we could be collaborative--areas of Vocation/Formation and areas around the great themes of Justice with particular focus on women and children.  In concrete ways, we are seeking ways to open the floodgates of communication between our two provinces.  A plan of action to realize these goals was developed on our second day of meeting so that we might be concrete yet continue to invite input from the members of the provinces.  Be assured we will be sharing all of this with all of you in the near future.

There was a shared information session on the assisted living/skilled nursing facility that has been built on the holy ground of the old Canadian novitiate.  The Canadian continuum of care is state of the art!
The atmosphere surrounding these historic days of meetings was one of great warmth, cordiality, and welcome.  The Canadian leadership was jubilant over the election of Barack Obama (further proof that the world is hungry for leadership).  The Canadian team will be coming to the US for a joint meeting in May to broaden and deepen what has been begun.

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