Second week in Peru

 As I look back on our second week here in Peru  by Krista

As I look back on our second week here in Peru, I realize how much experience we lived in such little time. From helping out at the school to visiting the sick in La Era de Ñaña, we were to experience Peru in a way that a normal tourist could never experience. Our week started off with an unexpected bang. On May 4th, the daughter of one of the teachers here at the school, was brutally murdered. The school was stuck and needed someone to take over the teacher’s class; which consisted of 41 girls of about 9 and 10 years of age. So, for about 4 hours that Friday, Marissa, Chantal and I began our first teaching experience. We were greeted with big smiles and delighted screams. That day was filled with over 50 math problems and sticky art projects. The language barrier was more than present that day, and yet the children did all they could to help us understand. Although that day started off with a certain unpleasantness it ended with much happiness and excitement.
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Krista - Marissa - Chantale

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